Altitude Pilot Pathway

The Altitude Pathway is a private community for aspiring pilots to collaborate and learn online.

About Altitude

The Altitude Pilot Pathway is more than training for certificates and ratings. With leadership training and specially-designed educational experiences, we've built a custom path that prepares aspiring pilots for a career flying at Allegiant.

Altitude cadets will meet senior Allegiant executives and get to know the airline, home bases, and culture, both in-person and through an exclusive online community. Additionally, cadets will have priority opportunities to become an Altitude CFI and build their required flight hours.

How to Join?

To join the Altitude Pilot Pathway, visit to inquire today. If accepted into the pathway, you will get access to this exclusive learning environment to train to become a commercial pilot.

About McAir Aviation

For almost 30 years, McAir Aviation has been training pilots and is excited to be the home of the Altitude Pilot Pathway. We emphasize safety and strive for excellence and quality in every flight training experience.

Located near Denver, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC) offers a modern, towered airport with ideal airspace and weather that allows students to train in a variety of conditions, just like professional pilots.